Slow Foods-Tortillas & Black Bean Soup by Taylor Conely

Hello again, I just got back from the Slow Foods meeting in the farmhouse. We made tortillas from scratch, and black bean soup. Next week we’ll be making Indian food. We’ll be making naan from scratch, experimenting with curry, and dabbling in some Indian desserts. 

The atmosphere was very welcoming and relaxed. Everyone gathered around the center table to cut, chop, press tortillas, talk about classes and travel abroad trips. After the meal was cooked, we all served ourselves and gathered around a table. Bob Dylan sang in the background as our taste buds gave in to bliss. 

Slow Foods meets every Sunday at 4 in the farm house. Each Sunday we have a food workdhop and cook; once every month they try to do a potluck. Last Sunday they made pizza. In the past I’ve attended their cheese making work shop, ice cream making workshop, and advertised for their beer making workshop. We expect to have a yogurt making workshop in the near future as well. On the 26th we will be sharing a booth with herbal tribe for prospectives. We’re planning on making scones!

Well, I am off to go cook again with some friends that will also be doing the Brunnenburg, Italy study abroad. Bon appetit!



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