First Run, By Johnny Cabrera

Today, I got a package from my parents back in California. They sent me a ton of spicy food (since spicy food doesn’t exist in Vermont), a new electronic razor for my facial hair and running shoes! Now a little history on me: I do run for recreation. I find it relaxing and it’s a great way to keep my weight at a normal rate. However, in the past few months, I’ve been eating a ton, partially due to stress. I also haven’t ran since November. I smoke cigarettes. But that usually doesn’t affect my running ability. As long as I eat right, exercise on the regular, smoking poses no serious threat. 

But today, I went for my first run. I’ve been eating, smoking and haven’t ran in months. As I expected, it was rather difficult. I couldn’t breathe. I had to walk back a quarter of the distance. 

Besides the physical stress today, I have clarity in my mind. I want to continue to run and exercise. And I have now considered the damages cigarettes can do. Regardless of the pain I went through today, I finally noticed that a healthy life is quite important. 


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