Sunday Sunday…By Forrest Teutsch

What’s so great about Sundays at Green Mountain? Well lots of things, but topping the charts is Chartwell’s Sunday Sunday tradition. Every Sunday, or at least most of the Sundays during the school semesters Chartwells offers an ice cream sunday bar for after your meal (or before if you decide that you deserve it).  This event has drawn a ton of positive reaction from the students because frankly who doesn’t enjoy being treated to ice cream sundays?!?

On the average day Chartwells offers anywhere from 2-4 different flavors of ice cream that alternate every few days. Yet, on these so cherished of days, the food service includes new ice cream, hot fudge, hot caramel, cherries, crushed oreos, rainbow and brown sprinkles, and more toppings. I suppose this is all fairly standard for ice cream bars, but when you consider that this is at a college it just makes it better. This tradition allows for students to look forward to the weekend for even more reasons. The college weekend is the ultimate time to relax in your life and what a better way to cap off a relaxation period than to treat yourself to a self-made ice cream sunday with your friends.

So with all the success that Chartwells dining services has had with Sunday Sunday, I know that the specialized meals that they have will be huge successes as well. The one that I am looking forward to the most is the St. Patrick’s Day meal on March 17.  This meal should prove to be a great time for everyone if the right measures are taken. How cool would it be to have green colored milk and a nice traditional Irish meal? Its just these little things like this that keep me happy with the dining services here, I have something to look forward to.


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