Happy Valentine’s Day—by Jessie Jiang

Today is Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I went to Poultney Elementary School yesterday, and the teacher was teaching kiddos to say, “Happy Valentine Eve”. One girl asked me, “Ms. Jessie, do you know what Valentine’s Day is?” Sadly, I couldn’t answer because ‘kiddos’ are not supposed to talk in class. The teacher asked another ‘kiddo’, “Do you know what Valentine’s Day is?”. The girl thought about it for several seconds and then said, “Eh…I think that is a fun day!”

Yes! She has the right idea! Valentine’s Day should be a fun day. Some people get sad and feel out of place because they don’t have a valentine, but Oh come on! Like the pure and uncomplicated thoughts of kids…Let’s just let the day be simple and fun!

If you have somebody inside your heart, go tell him or her! Or if you don’t have anyone available, go kiss your close friend’s cheek! Love is not just between couples; it’s all around the world!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody! 


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