The first week of Lacrosse- By Kat Kehrt

This is my third year of lacrosse. I remember the moment I decided I wanted to play. It was sophmore year around this time in the semester and my roommate came running in to get her lacrosse stick. She stopped to talk to me for a moment and then said “You should play lacrosse!” I had secretly been thinking about it for the past few days but hadn’t said anything, so I was really excited when she mentioned it. I told her I had been thinking about it, but was really nervous. I had run Cross-Country, Winter and Spring track all throughout high school (12 seasons total) and had never played a hand-eye coordination sport. She told me that everyone was really nice and they needed players. After thinking about it for a bit, I came to practice and talked to the coach. Next thing I knew, I had a stick in my hand and trying really hard to catch the ball.

It’s now my third season and I love the sport. I love the game, the practices, the team, the atmosphere, and everything. My best friends are on the team and to see them every day and play a game that we love so much is a great way to spend some of the day. Last semester we had non-traditional practices, which are 5 weeks of practices 3 times a week. It was wonderful to play, but a teaser because it was only for a few days a week and then it ended.

When this past Monday rolled around, I was so beyond pumped and excited. Our coach told us that practice was at 7am but we had to be there at 6:30am to warm up. After complaining for about a minute, I realized that my excitement to play and workout overpowered that small detail. I rolled out of bed at 6:20am on Monday morning and headed to practice. It always takes me a few minutes to wake up everyday, but running around the gym throwing lacrosse balls was a wonderful way to wake up.

All this past week, I have gone to practice and realized everyday how much I love this sport. I also noticed how much I have improved. Running 12 seasons of track in highschool leaves a person incapable of catching or throwing a ball and when I came to my first practice that Feb. in 2010, I could not catch a ball in my lacrosse stick to save my life. But the team was so supportive and I stuck with it. I now can’t wait to go to practice andlook forward to everytime I pick up my stick and throw around with a teammate.

If you are considering a sport to play in college, or if you are already here and you aren’t playing a sport, I highly recommend coming down to the Athletic Center and talking to a few coaches. If lacrosse isn’t your sport, there are so many other options, I’m sure you’ll find your “family” just like I did.


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