Mr. & Miss GMC by Krista Shugart

             Last night, Mr. & Miss GMC took place in the Gorge. This event was hosted by the International Cultural Center, International Awareness Club, and the Black Cultural Club. A lot of planning went into this event by members of all of these clubs, and a special thank you to Kleo Naccomah for all of his hard work and dedication!! The event was a fundraiser for UNICEF.

            This event was not a beauty pageant, or popularity contest. It was a fun event for people to support and cheer for their friends, while supporting UNICEF.  There was a formal wear, question and answer, and talent portion of the contest. There were some very interesting talents!! For example, Andrew O’ Neill rapped in Morse code! Kelly Heslin, who was crowned Miss GMC later in the night, played “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson on her ukeleee while singing with Emily Wills who was another contestant.

           There were also performances by the bellydancers, the GMC band who won “Battle of the Bands” last year performed, and Dang performed on his guitar. It was a beautiful night filled with talent.

          The judges for the event were Dan Reily, student body president, Paul Fonteyn, president of GMC, Marsha Fonteyn, and Ali, director of athletics. It was great to see the president and other members of GMC supporting this student-run event fundraiser for UNICEF.

          The night was great, and we raised over $100, thanks to the GMC students who came and supported the event. Thank you to everyone involved in organizing and supporting Mr. & Miss GMC! 🙂







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