Writing Letters, By Johnny Cabrera

Leaving California to a place I’ve never been to was a bit scary. For the beginning of the year, I fluctuated with friends. But now, I have dedicated myself to be loyal and honest with Courtney Cimon. She is my roommate and my only best friend here at Green Mountain College. She has made my experience in college so much more worth its energy. However, I still miss my friends from California.

Luckily, one of my other better friends began attending Pace University in Manhattan last month. This alone, reassures me and helps me feel more at home–knowing someone is close by. I have begun writing letters to Korey down in New York. This is our plan to stay in touch and help the Postal Service stay above bankruptcy. So far, this semester has been going so well, and less stressed out like last semester. I can feel confident in what I’m doing. Having strong relationships is the moral of this story. 


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