Basketball Season Comes To A Close…By: Forrest Teutsch

The Green Mountain Eagles men and women’s basketball teams seasons both ended this past weekend at New England College. Both teams suffered losses to end their seasons but those losses surely do not define the seasons as a whole. The men’s team finished their season 4-20 and 3-15 in the North Atlantic Conference. However the finished product of the schedule does not immediately look impressive, most of the losses came in closely contested matches and heartbreaking losses. After a winless season the previous year, this men’s team took amazing leaps and bounds progressing and coming together as a team. With the team being nearly entirely made up of freshman, they naturally had struggles working together and building team chemistry. By the end of the season however, the men’s team has shown impressive improvement with their style of play together as well as moving the ball as a unit. One of the best parts about watching the team from beginning of the season to the end is that you can see how they improved and over the course of the season became more capable of moving the ball around more naturally and finding good scoring chances by knowing each other’s tendencies. So long as the men’s team retains most of, if not all of the current players, they show unbelievable potential for next year as well as deep into the future.

The women’s basketball team has also not had the most impressive record as they finished 2-21 and 0-18 in conference play. Despite the lackluster record the women’s team has had their fair share of stunning moments with not one, but two players scoring their 1,000th point this season. Earlier in the year Molly Hopper was able to notch her 1,000th point and later this season, with just two games remaining Chelsea Paul scored her 1,000th point as well. These two events stand out as the highlights of the season with so many fans, parents, and teammates showing constant support throughout the ups and downs of the season. The future for the women’s team does not necessarily have as bright a future as the men’s team per se, but with hard work and a little bit of recruiting help this team can pull together a winning season soon. After all has been said and done, this was a very memorable year for the women’s team and a sign of many great things to come for the men.



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