Changes in the GMC Psych World by: Taylor Conley

     Thursday of this last week, in social research, students were introduced to a prospective psychology professor. Alan Marwine will be retiring at the close of this year, and the department will need a new professor to replace Alan. I was also told that Jen Sellers will be on sabatical for the upcoming year, thus all the psychology students are eager to know who is going to be the new addition to the psychology deparment. 
Before I go into greater detail about the prospective professors, I would like to give my standing ovation to Alan Marwine and Jen Sellers. I absolutely love both these professors’ passion, guidance, vibrant personlities, availability, and ability to motivate and inspire students who are trying to figure out what they are interested in or what they what to do with their life. I have had the great honor to have had both these professors, and my brain and spirit as a whole has greatly benefited from the experience. I will greatly miss not being able to see them next year; there will probably be tears. There truly is no way to bottle Jen and Alan up into words; they are a presence that speaks for themselves and it is a true joy to be able to be around them. 
Sadly, I was madly packing in my room for Italy when Thursday roled around and the prospective told the social research class about her research expereience. Thus, I cannot tell you much about her. However, I do know she is one out of the many applicants for the job. I, along with others of the psychology department, will be meeting and eating lunch on Friday with another prospective professor. I am greatly looking forward to hearing all she has to say and learning more about her. I will keep you posted on the progress. 
In closing for now, I would like to say that although someone is going to have big shoes to fill for Alan Marwine, I have faith that we will gain a wonderful addition whoever he or she is. I have this faith, because GMC is known for their incredible professors; it’s something I can depend on.  


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