Slow Foods-Indian Food by: Taylor Conley

         Yesterday at 4pm Slow Foods was held as usual in the farmhouse. We had decided during the previous meeting to attempt to make Indian food. None of us had made Indian food before, but we were all up for the new adventure and challenge. This week’s group was almost entirely made up of new people in comparison to last group’s meeting. This goes to show that Slow Foods welcomes everyone, including new comers, consistent goers, and people who just show up for one meeting because they like the designated cuisine.

We made red curry with lentils and coconut milk to accompany the homemade naan. We did not have the time to let the naan rise, so we fried it in the skillet and then put it in the oven for 8 minutes. The results, both the smell and taste, were fantastic. The whole kitchen warmed up to the spicy smells of curry, sweet undertones of coconut, fresh, simmering garlic, and the all encompassing comforting smell of baking bread. 

After the meal was cooked, we all sat down around the table and enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Although I’m not sure what we are conclusively doing for next Slow Food’s meeting, I know we will be offerig a table alongside herbal tribe in Withey for prospectives. We are planning on making scones. The idea of white chocolate chunk, cranberry scones seemed to be a hit. Neverthless, we shall see next week! 

Slow foods is a great place to be creative, social, and try new cuisine. I encourage all to give it a try. 




4 thoughts on “Slow Foods-Indian Food by: Taylor Conley

  1. Excellent Written,Indian Food is Different than other Countries, Slow foods is a great place to be creative, social, and try new cuisine. keep sharing us.


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