A look back Part 1- Kat Kehrt

With only 10 weeks left in the semester (yes, I’m counting) I have decided to take some time and direct my next few blogs to some of the classes I took over the past few years. When I was a freshman, I was debating to major in Adventure Rec or Sociology/Anthropology, but a few specific classes changed my mind and made me choose Sociology/Anthropology. I walked into my General Anthropology class on the first day. I was really excited. Human evolution has always interested me and being able to take a class on it was so exciting. Mark Dailey was the professor and right off the bat I was super excited.

Mark has a way of captivating his class from start to finish. He does not generally stick to lecture notes, but uses discussions, vidoes, and small groups to teach. We talked about the first humans to ever walk upright and studied how they evolved into the humans we are today. We looked at the biology of the first humans and learned the scientific names. I have never been a huge fan of biology, but learning about our ancestors is something different.

After spending the first half of the semester talking about the history and the orgins of humans, we moved onto a book “The Other side of Eden” written by Hugh Brody. It follows Brody as he ventures into the Arctic to study the Inuits and proves that there are, in fact, still many hunter-gatherer groups around the world.

This course made me think so much about life and how we got to where we are today. I was always excited to go to this class and Mark made every day exciting and new.


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