Burlington – Alexandra Hilliard

On Saturday, 2/19/2012, my boyfriend and I went to Burlington as a late Valentine’s Day gift to each other. We left in the morning and arrived around 11 AM. The first thing we did was go to the ECHO center, which was essentially a children’s science museum with a focus on lake ecology. My favorite part was the animals. We saw… (among others)

  • mud-puppy
  • sheepshead
  • lake sturgeon
  • channel catfish
  • eastern spiny soft shell turtlet
  • stink pot
  • american bull frog
  • sculpin
  • red spotted newt

They were all really cool, and besides the cat fish, I had never seen any of these in real life! Next, we searched for lunch. We stopped by the City Market, which is a really neat co-op, but decided that we would rather sit down somewhere. On a whim, we wandered into the Dobra Tea house. We both ordered tea, Eddie choose “Bai Hao” which was an oolong tea, and I chose “Eastern Winds” which was an herbal infusion. They were both delicious. We also ordered a mezze plate which had ezme, hummus, and feta cheese, along with warmed pita. It was also really yummy 🙂 The service was awesome, the atmosphere was tranquil and ambient, and we loved it. It was my favorite part of the day! For the rest of the day we browsed stores, did some shopping, and ate dinner. We had wanted to watch the sunset, but the sky wasn’t very clear there. It snowed on the way home!! It was really great. If you haven’t been to Burlington, VT, you need to take a few days to come visit, you will surely be pleased.


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