A Positive Outlook on Midterms, By Johnny Cabrera

Woah, midterms came too fast this semester. I feel like it was only last week that I landed in Rutland Vermont, had a friend drive me to campus and go hysterical when I saw my roommate.

Now, all I’ve been looking at is the neoclassical model of economics, the fundamentals of American Literature, and the essentials of Existentialism and Phenomenology. However, I am not complaining.

Yes, the workload is going to be intense for the next few days, but it’s not something humans are not capable of doing. It becomes a challenge for me. I always love to look at the brighter side. After I finish these midterms, regardless if they’re challenging or not, they’ll be done. FINISHED. They will no longer plague my daily life. I will be able to breathe, and isn’t it the best feeling to look back and recognize your own achievement? Yeah, I bet this sounds cheesy to the second power, but I don’t take shame in recognizing my abilities and accomplishments. I don’t think any human being should. These traits are what make you who you are (a body in the world). Oh no, philosophy is starting to slip out. I’m actually surprised I haven’t broken down the difference between Nominal GDP and Real GDP.

Anyways, I feel as though I need to explain myself. Yes, I’m studying for finals, but I’m almost done.

To be able to embrace the challenging schoolwork is to be able to appreciate yourself. That is all. 


One thought on “A Positive Outlook on Midterms, By Johnny Cabrera

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