Because, it’s tougher to be vulnerable than to be tough…By Haley Tripoli

I haven’t flirted much with progress this past week. Last Monday met me, by way of sickness, with strong impact…and in many ways I am grateful that I had an excuse to be so bed ridden. Of course, this meant calling out of work and missing a handful of classes…which is never good. Never the less, my professors have been more than accommodating and understanding. The wonderful Jessie Jiang (trusted friend and fellow blogger) has gifted some Chinese herbal remedies to help with my congestion! And while I combat the stuffiness–I am reminded of how happily congested my life is in terms of great people.  They exist throughout every corner of my world, and sometimes they even let me have spoonful after spoonful of their DELICIOUS, expensive, Vermont made, raw honey (Thank You, Heather Marsh)! As spring break approaches and midterms run heavy on the brain, I am well rested and thirsty for movement and productivity! The kind that a week of hanging out in bed cannot bring…

Some upcoming ‘deadlines’:

*To study for Spanish and complete all assigned assignments 

*To prepare and re-prepare for my Human Ecology exam, Thursday

*To begin working on facebook page for Diversity Committee

*To map out the research I will be conducting for Ethnographic Field Methods…yeah…that’s right…I’m getting my anthropology on

*To prepare a short 5 min presentation about the thesis and creative process of my paper for Voices of Community. The assignment was to talk of a diverse community, elaborating on the systems at work. I wrote about Philadelphia, a city I have been familiar with for most of my life. If GMC is my second home, Philadelphia is my third. 

*To flirt with progress

*To, obviously, continue to fulfill my late night college appetite with munching on raw honey and pretzel sticks (HONEY has healing properties and is SOOO delicious)

What to remember: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and fast is ‘deadly’. Quote credited to Steven Serrano


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