Moses Lawn- by Kat Kehrt

Last August, I signed up to be an Orientation Leader and during the “Get to know your other OLs” stage, Ryan Irkhe had us get a partner and told us to lead each other to our favorite spots on campus, while the person being led had their eyes closed. While the river, the farm and the back fields popped into my head at first, I thought about it for another second and realized where that spot exactly was. I led Leanne safely to it and told her to open her eyes. Looking around it, I realized why such a simple and common place on campus was my favorite place to go. 

During the warm months of the school year, a person can drive by Green Mountain and see many groups of students lounging out on Moses Lawn. Students play hours of frisbee, djembes, and my personal favorites: Whiffle Ball and KanJam.

It’s a place to just go, relax, read or even sleep. There have been a couple of occasions where I have wanted to take a nap and realized that it was so much more relaxing to take a nap out on the lawn than in my room. Last spring, I really realized how nice of a place it was. Just when it was getting warm out again in March, a few of my friends and I grabbed a whiffle ball, and bat and got a game going. It was such a nice space to play and being the center and front of campus, we attracted a lot of other people just passing through. Pretty soon we had a full game going and soon after that, it became a tradition to play whiffle ball whenever it was warm out. During Easter last spring, we had a huge potluck in the front of Moses and then played whiffle ball.

Whether it’s playing whiffle ball or just reading and relaxing out on the lawn, Moses Lawn is definitely one of my favorite places on campus to go. It’s right in the center of campus, which can be distracting at points, but laying on the grass under those extremely tall trees is one of the best things about this campus. 🙂


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