Pets On Campus…By: Forrest Teutsch

Green Mountain College as well as many other schools in the country do not allow students to own most pets like cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and others, however some students have found great loopholes to this. The classic example of avoiding this outlawing pet is to simply move off campus in order to bring their pets along with them, but recently some students at GMC have become a bit more inventive in their approach. Most students have taken advantage of the rule that allows them to own fish in their dorm, but very recently one student in particular has taken this to an awesome extreme. The student (not to be named) has owned many fish over the years with many tanks filling the room. Today he pulled me into his room and showed me his new pride and joy.

These behemoth fish are 14-inch long Oscar fish that tower over the other smaller fish. These fish still fit into the rules of allowance in the dorms yet they trump every other fish you could possibly get and make owning a pet on campus so much more interesting. And while owning these fish does almost make these pet rules bendable there is a huge uproar for changing the rules for this campus. The school has a farm that allows animals to virtually roam free, especially the farm cats that usually find their way into the dorms anyway. This prompts the argument for allowing more pets on campus like cats because they are already roaming the campus. This altering of the rule would surely allow for more students to enjoy themselves with the company of their pets that they love. Community directors live on campus and they are also allowed to own pets; this double standard has been known to really irritate many students that want to have pets. Hopefully in the next few years the student body will request a change to the rules to allow pets because we have demonstrated our responsibility with animals.

With or without the rule change student are continuously finding ways to be lucrative and avoiding the technicalities of rules. Don’t underestimate the power of a GMC student’s resourceful mind in tiptoeing around the rules.


10 thoughts on “Pets On Campus…By: Forrest Teutsch

  1. A pet is a wonderful companion and students should be let to have pets in the campus. I think that the rules should be changed, especially because commnunity directors are allowed with pets in the campus.


  2. pets are the best friend ever, they understand you so well when you are happy or sad, they have an intense power to transform you into a truly different individual. life does not complete without a pet.


  3. pets are my life ,i cannot image life without them. i thinks the best way to make your kid responsible is to get them a pet, the sense of responsibility comes automatically.


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