Upcoming Spring Break…By:Forrest Teutsch

Well this time of year, spring sports are in full swing with practices, the temperatures are beginning to rise, the days are getting noticeably longer, and the dog days of school are here with midterms nagging students. Somehow the semester has already seemed to fly by and we are already at the midway point of the spring semester. It’s not the most comforting feeling thinking of how some of my senior friends are getting ready to leave Green Mountain and possibly leave the state for their jobs. It’s a sad thought but one that we all must come to terms with. Yet putting this thought aside and focusing on school work, this is a stressful time of the year with a huge work load and everyone’s favorite: midterms.

Alas, there is hope yet because spring break is right around the corner, following midterms week! This time of the year can be used in so many different ways for students, either going home for a break, visiting friends at other schools, or vacationing to somewhere nice like Panama Beach to really relax. This year I am really looking forward to break, a few weeks ago I was planning on staying on campus for lacrosse practice during break but I recently found out that I am unable to stay on campus. This then presented me with options of visiting friends from my school last year in Florida, but ultimately as a poor college student I decided to go home for a few days and take it from there.

This is the perfect time of the year to take a break from everything school related from academics, to campus food, to sports and just reset with friends. Going back to and having home-cooked meals, chilling with friends, and seeing family is the perfect way to spend time over break and clear your mind. This break will be a fantastic divide in the school year and provide a solid rest period for all of our minds. The options are nearly limitless for spring break but how you spend your time will decide how well the next half of the semester will go.


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