How much do you know about GMC? – GMC Contest – by [Binh]

Hi there! This is Binh. Mid-term, mid-term, and mid-term exams are coming. Hummm!!! This post should be the interview with Connor Magnuson and his project “7 Days of Music”. However, for some reasons, the interview was moved to this week. Hence, it will be post next week. But don’t worry. It’s coming soon. For now, to apologize and cheer you up, I will give you a chance to win my gift. (Ah, this is the second gift I give up this week).

Let see how much you know about Green Mountain College. 😉 Write down your answers with your email, and send them to my email bbinh[at]facebook[dot]com by 11am Saturday, March 3, 2012. The person who has the accuracy and best answer will receive from me a personal gift. It is a GMC gift which will be sent via USPS! 🙂


Now, there are the questions. Ready? Go!!!!!


1. How many major and minor does GMC currently offer?

2. What is the name of the building which is dining hall at GMC?

3. Tell me what you know about GMC’s farm. (about 100 words). (Points for sustainable aspects).

4. Which countries does GMC provide the study abroad program?

5. [The hardest one] List 3 names of people who were (is) presidents of GMC.


I know you get it!!! The answer and the person will be announced this weekend in my post about “7 Days of Music”. 😉


P.S: And don’t try to find me on Facebook via the email above because my page is not available. Haha!!!



The winner was found. See who was our winner here:


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