Environmental Ethics by Krista Shugart

Are you interested in philosophy?? I HIGHLY reccomend taking philosophy classes with Susanne Claxton at Green Mountain College. She is such an amazing teacher. She teaches you all about LIFE!!! Today I had my Environmental Ethics exam and it was on Aristotle, Kant, Mill and Leopold. Here is some very interesting information about Aristotle that I have learned over the past few weeks of being in this class.


Every person is wants to reach Eudaimonia, which is happiness and flourishing. Every human being is trying to flourish. Eudaimonia translated means “good god within.”

There are three ways that people try to reach happiness.

1) Life of Pleasure

2) Life of Honor

3) Life of Contemplation

The life of contemplation is the only one that will ever make you reach full happiness, because pleasure and honor are looking for things outside of yourself, and life of contemplation is the only one that comes from within. Life of contemplation deals with abstract ideas for example love, justice, peace etc.

The Stone Argument is very interesting one. It is an argument in analogy about human nature. This argument claims that there is no such thing as human nature. Your character is the state of your soul. You determine your own character!!! I really like this idea. The stone analogy is about how a stone ALWAYS sinks….man/woman is not ALWAYS good or ALWAYS bad. Therefore; there is no such thing as human nature.

I think that Aristotle has many interesting ideas.

Two more exams to go and one project until spring break!!! (Mountain Justice Spring Break!)

Hope you are having a great week!

Tonight, as a break from studying I went to the Campus Coffee House and there was an open mic/poetry slam night and many students performed….it was really fun and there were free cupcakes, which is always pretty exciting!




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