Poultney- Kat Kehrt

My sister came up to visit last night. Last night we walked around town, so I could show her things and this morning we went to Perry’s. Walking around town last night, pointing different things out to here, I realized that Poultney has grown so much in the last four years I have been living here. When I came to Green Mountain, when I went out into the town, I got the sense that Poultney and the college were two seperate communities and GMC was just in Poultney, but not a part of it. Yes, students supported the businesses in town, but definitely did not have the influence it has now.

We walked past The Station and I told her about how it was closed for the longest time and then opened up as The Station and how students work there. We walked past Dale’s and even though it’s no longer there, in the time it was there, it was a nice place to go. I showed her the Tiny Theater and explained the story. The Tiny Theater was created by a GMC alumn a few years ago as a small business. Unfortunately because of legal fees and costs of showing movies and low income, it folded. Paul Hancock, a GMC professor took it, made it into a non-profit and now it’s alive and thriving! They have themed movie sessions and people can rent it out for their own use. I showed her the Co-op that was the real event that made me realize how much the community and the college had come together through the past few years. The Co-op was formed last year and with the college and community working together, was able to open and become a huge success. Although I don’t go in there often, I have heard WONDERFUL things about it 🙂 Poultney House of Pizza (PHOP) is always the best place to get a pizza and those two gas stations have served so many students.

Poultney is a small town in Vermont with less than ten thousand people. It’s quiet, small and not a lot of activity goes on. But watching it grow over the past four years has been very interesting. My freshman year, I didn’t know anything about the shops and businesses on Main St, but four years later, I constantly go to Perry’s, the pub and PHOP. It’s been amazing watching the gap between the school and community shrink. When I took Delicate Balance last year, we talked constantly about community and what it meant. We talked about Poultney and how one of the school’s main goal was to bridge that gap. Reflecting on the past few years, I can definitely say that we have come so far and I am excited to come back and visit and see how GMC has reached out to the community even more in the next few years.


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