“7 days of music” – 7 days to involve on GMC campus -by [Binh]

[Hi there, this is Binh. 😉 Before going to the main post, I want to announce that Jen from NJ is the winner for GMC winner. Although she is a junior in high school, she loves environment study and knows a lot about GMC (hope to see you at GMC one day). Congrat Jen again! I shipped my gift to you today so hope you would get it soon.]

“7 Days of Music” initially caught my attention by its handmade and colorful poster. Unlike posters of other events on campus which were printed and uniform, the poster this “7 Day of Music” was made by hand and different with each other. Whoever created this poster and/or ran this project had to be so passion that they could paint all posters. But with a busy schedule, I quickly put this event in my forgettable area of brain.

It was right since people said “Good wine needs no bush”. My friend texted me on a Saturday night and asked me coming out for “a great event that [she] wants to check out”. And no surprised, it was “7 Days of Music”. Since I arrived, there were about 50 people. People sang on the stage while audiences were super-excited. Some of audiences even stood up and danced with the music. I was totally impressed and curious how this event could be successful this much. And here it is, my interview with Connor Magnuson-the leader of this project:

Hi Connor! Congratulation on “7 Days of Music”! It was so successful. I was so surprised about this. Honestly, I did not think that many events could attract as a lot of people as your event in such a short of time, only 7 days. Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell our readers what “7 Days of Music is?

I’m Connor, sophomore year and a transfer student, self design major focused on sustainable community.  

“7 Days of Music” project is a kind of social music experience which promotes the collaboration of different musicians and connects them together. During a week (7 days), they will come together, create music, and perform it for their community.

It’s interesting because I thought that you were freshmen. By the way, why did you transfer to GMC?  

Because GMC has a lot of majors which are focused in environment, and located in VT. Also, it is smaller than my previous school.

So you like small college which focuses on students and environment?


Back to the project, was this the first time that you organized this event? Have you organized some similar events before in other places?

It was the first event that I organized in GMC. But I helped organize another similar program named “Do It Yourself” back in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a conference about different skills that different community members attended and talked. “7 Days of Music” was a workshop, a part of this conference.  

I helped to organize it, but I eventually didn’t participate. Hence, I wanted to make it happened here.

So where did the idea of “7 days of music” come from?

When we created the conference in Omaha, a part of community members came up with this idea. The concept of this idea was an event which would be organized by local resident, and for whole community.

And how did you make it happened in GMC? I mean the process that you went from the idea to the real event? Did any one help you?

I just started making poster and flier. And then, people were interested in this idea. They started asking and talking with me about the event.  Then, word of mouth … I set a date for the event, came to Ryan to tell him what I had for my event. And I got permission. I was kind of jumping into it.

What’s happened if nobody was interested in?

It would still be happened. Even with 5 people came; it still happened and adapted the situation because the original idea was for people and made by people.

What were the difficulties that you encountered during the project?

It all was run smoothly. At the beginning, I had me and my idea so it was hard to make a little happened. But I started talking with people, and people liked it and gave me their feedbacks. I was motivated. And then as you saw, people contributed to the whole event. I relied on people to make it happened.

There were 5 bands at total, but 2 of them had a little problem when their members dropped out. But they still adapted, and still went to perform. They made it happened. That’s the beauty of it.

And did you have any things funny or great memories that you wanted to share with our readers?

It’s really great that we decided to have potluck during the event. It’s glad to see that people who even not performed brought food there.

Making flier with a bunch of people was very cool and fun.  

Did you think that this project was successful?  And will you intend to run this project again in future?

It’s successful because people who involved really wanted to make it happened. And YES, I got a ton of good feedback from people. So I intend to re-organize it a week after we come back from spring break.

Thank you for your time! Good luck with the second one! I absolutely support it!

And this was my interview with Connor. If anyone is interested in this project and wants to involve, please contact him via email at magnusonc[at]greenmtn[dot]edu


Have a nice weekend folks!




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