Junior Class Meeting — Alexandra Hilliard

One duty of class representatives of the student government association of Green Mountain College includes semesterly meetings. I held my meeting before break (2/29/12) in the coffee house in Moses, for the junior class. We discussed residence/dorm improvements and possible goals for the junior class.


Dormitory Improvements

  1. Computers in dorms
  2. More plants in bldgs
  3. Senior apartments
  4. More framed art/posters on campus
  5. New showers
  6. Stained glass in hubs
  7. A bar on campus
  8. Larger beds
  9. Ovens on every floor of residential buildings
  10. Bigger composting bins

Other suggestions inlcude a slide for sustainable fun, shower benches, a guerilla greening effort, and a sauna/jacuzzi


Junior Class Initiatives/Concerns

  1. A school photo
  2. Senior ’13 photo
  3. Senior trip
  4. A bbq just for juniors two weeks before finals
  5. More transparency in Joe Manning’s duties/college expenditures
  6. “The financial situation makes us stressed”
  7. Summer classes, winter intersessions
  8. Honors courses (it’s not possible to meet the course requirements if you are admitted as an upperclassman)
  9. More surveys for programming, what about boards on floors, and more bulletin boards?
  10. Tether ball
  11. Parking on the tennis courts
  12. Ant infestation in the Moses basement bathroom



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