Harvard National Model UN, February 15-19, 2012

Harvard National Model UN, February 15-19, 2012

It is an honor to lead International Awareness Club because it is providing many useful opportunities and conferences to GMC students. New York City and Harvard National Model UN Conferences are part of IAC. I went to Harvard National Model UN with six other GMC students in February 15-19.

 The team was led by two of our Co-Head Delegates and IAC members Kirstin Kelley and Lian Kariuki. The other delegates were Binh Bui ’14, Bruna Lobato ’15, Lindsay Rhoades ’15, and Bianca Zanella ’15. Our delegation represented the Republic of Vanuatu located in the Pacifics.

Before our seven delegates go to the Harvard National Model UN Conference in Boston, we met every week for two semesters to get ready for the conference. We invited GMC students who participated at NMUN in past years to talk about their experiences. The team researched and wrote position papers for each committee.

Delegates read UN Charter, resolutions, treaties, conventions, and general research about UN.  Delegates did intense research and discussion about the Republic of Vanuatu, since we were representing this country.  The team held formal session to practice and learn the rules and regulations. Most importantly, they practiced public speaking and how to write resolution. 

Our delegates were representing different committees. Bianca and Asadullah represented the Republic of Vanuatu at World Health Organization Committee. Kirstin and Lian the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee. Binh Bui was at UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific committee.

 Bruna and Lindsay participated at the Disarmament and International Security Committee. This conference is organized by Harvard students and professors and brings over 4000 delegates from five continents and over thirty countries and 150 colleges and universities to Boston.

 In order to represent a country very well, the team needs to have enough knowledge about the country and UN. The delegation had two semesters of doing hard work, preparation, research and reading the UN resolutions, treaties, conventions, UN Charter, the Eight Millennium Development Goals.

 I think I have written this last part in another blog but I mention it again. More importantly, our delegates researched about the Republic of Vanuatu. They learned about Vanuatu’s history, economy, culture, religions, geography, politics and the relationship of the country with its neighboring countries and the world.

The mean purpose of National Model UN Conference is to give a unique opportunity for college students to better understand the inner workings of the United Nations while building skills in diplomacy, compromise, group working and drafting resolutions. Our delegation had worked tirelessly to get ready for this conference.  At this conference they wrote resolutions addressing regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, and the environment at six different committees.

At the end I would like to state that I love such conferences and has been going to Model UN Conferences since my Freshman year. Every year I learn something new about different countries. 


Asadullah Sohail


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