Spring Break in NYC—Jessie Jiang

Last week was a pretty relaxing week. One of my mother’s best friend came to visit her daughter in Flushing, Queens. So I went there to meet her, too. Her daughter’s name is Stephanie, we grew up together, but we haven’t seen each other for years. It was really excited and interesting to meet her in another country.

Stephanie just moved from Brooklyn to Queens, she didn’t even have a couch for me. And all the furniture were just sent from IKEA to her apartment on Saturday morning. I spent all Saturday afternoon assembling her new furniture, such as couch, desk and closet. That was fun because I really like doing this stuff, it’s just like making a toy model. From Stephanie’s apartment, you can have an amazing view of Manhattan. It was a little bit annoying because the location is very close to LaGuardia Airport. That was really noisy. 

On Wednesday night, I took a ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island. I saw the Statue of Liberty on the ferry. 3 years ago, Statue of Liberty was just on shows or pictures, when I saw that by myself, the feeling was amazing. It was like a dream came true.

I also meet new friends over break, most of them are Chinese. We had a house warming party, went to karaoke and played CLUE. (That’s a really tricky game, I never win…)


I cannot believe I’m in Green Mountain College right now…I feel I’m still in a vacation…


(The planet is landing)

(Statue of Liberty)

(It’s me…)



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