The President of GMC and 13 students went to Beverly, Kentucky for Community Sevice

The President of GMC Paul Fonteyn and 13 students went to Beverly, Kentucky to do Community Sevice for Spring Break. 

            I had the best Spring Break in my three years of college experience. I spent my Spring Break doing community service in Beverly, Kentucky. First it is never fun to be in the car for eighteen hours but I accepted it because it was for a good cause. There were total 26 people in the team with me. There were 13 GMC students, 2 high school students from Poultney and the rest were college president, university CFO and community members. We drove through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and our destination Kentucky. We left GMC to Kentucky on Saturday March 3th and came back on Sunday March 11th.   

            We repaired houses at Beverly on Appalachian Mountain in Kentucky. The Appalachian Mountains are one of the isolated and rural distressed areas in US. Chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing and rugged mountainous terrain provide obstacles to the residents of this area. I was humbled to be able to help others. 

            The humbling part was something else. The president of my school Paul Fonteyn joined us too. Another inspiring person in the team was the CFO of UVM. I was so blessed to be part of this wonderful and diverse team. The name of the mission is Red Bird Mission. It is a religious organized mission. I was the only Muslim in the team. I was well received and respected by my team and the community members in Kentucky. Everybody was respectful and open to learn about my country, culture, religion and so on.  Besides helping others, the team members learned from each other. 

I went to this trip because I feel it is my responsibility to help those in need in US. The US government is helping my country and I am an Afghan in US. It is my duty to give back something to US people.

 These 26 people divided into different teams and repaired houses of some poor families. It was touching to see the smiles on the faces of those poor families after their houses were repaired. You can not buy those smiles with money. I had the best Spring Break and I recommend to GMC student to take advantage of this trip. 


Asadullah Sohail


12 thoughts on “The President of GMC and 13 students went to Beverly, Kentucky for Community Sevice

  1. It would be sweet if more of these acts of kindness could be promoted in the media. Yet it seems like the opposite is always occurring. Practicing Random Acts of LOVE and KINDNESS should start in elementary school, giving and helping your fellowman.


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