Springtime! By Kat Kehrt

So I have given up on the idea of snow. From my previous blogs, you can tell how much I love it and how I rely on Vermont to reward with me a 2-3 foot snow storm. But it’s mid-March and no luck yet. Plus the past few days have been incredibly warm, and I recently read that it’s supposed to be 80 degrees next week. 80 DEGREES?!?! With that in mind, I forced the huge let down I feel towards the winter out of my mind and shift my mindset 180°. It’s spring!! It’s warm out! I know that I just wrote that I was sad and upset that there was snow, but that’s because I was in the mindset of it being winter. But after I came to realize that there was not going to be any more snow, I am quite excited by the fact that spring is here! Over spring break, I went to North Carolina to see one of my best friends. It was 60° and sunny the majority of the time and that put me in a happy mood all week. I realized that I love winter so much, mainly because I live for skiing, but the warm weather is a nice break. Sometimes, even after a huge snowy winter, I am more than ready for spring. My sophomore year spring break, I went to Florida. I have to say that it was quite difficult to come back to campus and the bitter cold after spending a week in the sun and at the beach. This year it was a little different. I was actually kind of secretly excited that it was warm here.

Campus always seems to come alive as soon as the warm weather comes out. All winter, no one is outside, but as soon as the temperatures reach 45, people come out, to toss Frisbees, lay in the “grass” and just enjoy the fact that it’s not below freezing. I have found myself wearing a skirt on days that I would have found cold 5 years ago, prior to moving to VT.  Whiffleball is one of my favorite activities of spring time and you can always find a bunch of people playing numerous games on Moses Lawn.  Even though it took some time, I have finally come to terms with the climate, and am looking forward to the spring! Welcome to GMC, spring!


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