Our first game! Kat Kehrt

We have our first lacrosse game on Wednesday! I am pretty stoked! It’s against Casanovia College, near Syracuse. Up until about 3 weeks ago, I had no idea that there was a Casenovia College. It’s always pretty exciting in the few days leading up to the first game of the season. You spend numerous weeks prior to that day working out, learning new skills, creating a team and learning to play as one. So to be able to see a game so close is really rewarding.

I have played lacrosse for three years now. I never pictured myself playing it. In high school I ran 12 seasons of track (XC, winter and spring track) and used to watch the lacrosse girls complain about running a mile, which was our warmup. I also never figured out why you were wear a skirt while playing a sport. But my sophomore year, my roommate convinced me to come out and play. I fell in love with it.

Games are always so exciting! I love the atomosphere, the energy, the exercise and just the game itself.


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