Hope you rest in peace, Paul Opel. – From Binh

Hi. I am Binh. I was thinking what I should write to you this weekend. And I finally decided to tell you a story about a respectful music professor that I was lucky to meet at Green Mountain College. This post would be dedicated to Paul Opel who passed away last week at the age of 55. GMC Journal wrote about him:

“Paul was deeply involved in all things musical at GMC. He worked as an adjunct in the music department for ten years, coordinating the applied music program and providing instrument lessons for students. Paul played in numerous ensembles and served as accompanist to the chorus. Few musicians had his range of knowledge and instrumental skill.”

This was a slow Friday, a day like this weekend. Spring was everywhere, and it was a little of rain. The little cold of wind was coming next to the winter, whispering its voice inviting me to come out for fresh air. But at that time, I was a freshman who had a lot of works and was busy running around campus. I accidentally met Paul in a performance of the choir at Ackley when I was there to watch my friend playing piano. We talked couple sentences. I mentioned how I loved to learn piano and said something about my favorite instrumental songs. Then Paul suddenly suggested me to take piano class. I initially was doubted it because I was too busy, and I thought I was too old to have a piano lesson. Nonetheless, Paul was very enthusiasm talking how music would help me better in balancing my work. He also said about the way of learning instrument. I was inspired although it was not quite immediately after I met him. I generally realized that he was right. Then I took my first piano class….

Everything was just like yesterday. Time was fast. Couple times, couple hours, and couple conversations, I knew Paul like that. Due to my conflicted schedule, I did not have any chances to take a class with him. However, I would never forget the first music professor who stood next to me and encouraged me to learn piano.

You may meet many professors in your college life, but there were some of them you would never forget. They somehow made your life better and contributed in your person today. I could not say thank you enough.

Paul, hope you rest in peace.



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