What are people Google about Green Mountain College? – By Binh

Hi there! This is Binh. I had a huge funny research this week about what people are searching about Green Mountain College on Google based on alphabet from A to Z. For example, what most people searched about GMC that started by letter A. And this was I found out in Google’s statistic:


A – Admission, Athletic: Haha, I knew this, I knew this. The word which had first letter A had been searched most by people on Google.  

B – Bookstore, Basketball, Blog

C – Calendar, Career Service

D – Dorms, Directions

E – Environment, Email, Epsilen (For who don’t know what Epsilen is. This is a learning tool used for every class at GMC. Professors can post and upload class materials on this webpage while students can submit their assignments directly to their professor via this website. 😉

F – Farm, Financial Aid, Faculty. (oh, this letter was totally hot choices. Farm is one of the most famous features of GMC. AAA, and of course, how it could be without super friend-faculty and financial aid.)

G – Graduate Program, Griswold Library 

H – Housing, History

I – In Vermont, In Poultney

J – Jobs, Journal

K – Killington Campus (campus for who want to pursue Resort & Hospitality Management program)

L – Library, Locations

M – MyGMC, Model United Nation

N – Newspaper, New York (Yeah, we’re kind of near to NY, 😛 hahaha)

O – Online MBA, Orientation

P – Poultney

Q – Quidditch, Qualifications (Ah, Quidditch is one of cool clubs at GMC)

R – Review, Ranking, Resident Life

S – Sustainability

T – Tuition, Tiny House (Tiny House was a project which GMC students designed a green house saving energy and less impacting to environment)

U – US News (Were you looking for the ranking of GMC?)

V – Vermont (of course)

W – Wellness Center

X – XC (???, I was super confused since I read that. What’s “XC”? And then, I went to Google type in Green Mountain College XC… Haha, you knew what it was, did you? It meant “Cross Country” at GMC. Lol)

Y – Young Alumni

Z – Zip code (Haha, you do not need to find this one. I can tell you zip code of Poultney is 05764)

That’s all!!! 🙂 Hope you have fun with this statistic. Enjoy spring weather and stay healthy!



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