Afraid of Love? — Alexandra Hilliard

You know the spring semester is drawing to a close when the weather becomes this beautiful. Today was all sun and glory. I lounged on Moses Lawn with my friend and fellow biology major classmate, Diann. I enjoyed my book “Girl, Interrupted”, took a little catnap, and soaked up some much needed vitamin D! I also took a leisurely walk with my soccer teammate Liz, she wanted an ice coffee and I wanted an ice cream cone! After I ate dinner, I sat in the sun some more before I went to Student Senate. Even after that brief meeting, I enjoyed the weather my boyfriend some more as we cruised around Lake St. Catherine in his pick-up truck, fantasizing about the upcoming fishing season! Yesterday was a lazy day as well! I bought my fishing license for the year, and went out by the Cogman River near Whitehall, NY (the spot where we fished was considered to belong to VT) and later on, went out for drinks with friends.

Usually, I am able to allocate a significant portion of my weeked to do homework. Instead, I didn’t begin mine until 10 PM this evening! It seems like all winter I dread the weather and wish for spring. However, I do my homework in a very timely fashion and manage all A’s and B’s on my midterms despite the fact that I have an extremely credit heavy semester (yippee!). What I mean to say, is that this is a time of deception, we should all be worried, but instead we are happy and in love. In love with spring flowers, warm sun, bare feet, naps outside, beautiful guitar melodies, dips in the river, and all other lovely activities that we long for all year long. But we can’t pull ourselves away! It’s so hard to drag yourself from the magnetism of alluring, gorgeous Vermont. It is so beautiful, you can hardly maintain any self control! Obviously students manage it, but dear Lord, it is painful!

I have finished the majority of my homework, and have saved very little for the morning. I don’t know if I really have reason to worry, in the sense that I am responsible and can rely on the fact that I will get all of my work done… It’s just that temptation is all around and if you live in Poultney, VT you know what I mean! 


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