Warm Weather, By Johnny Cabrera

The sun has finally shined here in beautiful Vermont! All the snow in Poultney is gone and the temperatures have been rising. Never in my life have I been so excited for warm weather.

I grew up in California, where the average temperature is 70 degrees; warm weather never really captured my attention. Instead, I thought it was the usual and within time, became boring. Now, after being in Vermont for my freshman year, I notice the beauty of warm seasons. The shining sun (and occasional warm thunderstorm) brings out the life from the environment. Trees and flowers flourish, grass becomes green and tall, birds and animals all seem so festive about the warm weather.

Because of the warmer weather, I’ve taken notice in the happiness and joy from all the students here at GMC. It reminds me of the beginning of my first semester, where everyone was so joyful to be coming back to school in the summer. People were lying out on the grass, playing sports with each other, taking walks to the river and making the best of the splendid weather.

There’s something about Vermont in the spring that makes me feel a greater appreciation for earth. I just take into account the harsh, cold winter. All animal and plant life seemed to stop. But in reality, it didn’t stop, it is just waiting for the warmth of spring to flourish and bloom. This act of simple nature is reflected within me. I feel the same way. I wake up and feel prosperous and joyful in the comforting months of spring and summer, ready to take on the challenges each day brings. 


[Attached are photos of people on campus enjoying the warm weather]



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