You Can Party in a Small Town…By Haley Tripoli

Rumor has it that there’s nothing to do in a small town. As a girl raised in the New Jersey suburbs, minutes from Philadelphia, I grew up with many action packed weekends and tons of cultural entertainment. Naturally, as I grew older, I often found myself with a growing ‘resentment’ towards my upbringing and area of inhabitance. That is not to say that I wasn’t grateful for the well-rounded, spirited, thought-provoking, populated, and witty lifestyle my mother provided me, but that I craved something different, something more ‘me’, and not just what I was used to. I romanticized the idea of small town pride. I guess this has a lot to do with why I ended up in a small town for college, surrounded by land, mountains, land, and more land. I needed a change of scenery, a change of pace, and a different outlook. (I was in search of human beings who occasionally enjoyed sitting outside and taking in the sunset, or rolling in the grass…individuals who found it eagerly fulfilling to enjoy the natural landscape, to give thanks and keep friendly, balanced stewardship. I have found that this is easier to do in a small town.) Instead of Dunkin Donuts, CVS’s, and Wawa’s on every corner, there are the occasional mom and pops family run businesses, cows, and not very many developments with showy houses and exaggerated life styles. I wanted simple, and simple is what I got. But, what does a weekend city girl, from a big town, with a love for new faces and different places do in a small town? Especially when wanting to get off of campus, AND, when the travel to Albany is just not in the cards for the night…? Well, I’d like to thank St. Patrick for an amazing excuse for a girls night adventure out to Flubberbusters Road House BBQ & Grill. Ok, I admit, it is not your typical college hangout, but on certain nights, and in honor of certain events…it poses as a great nightclub. The people were great, a bunch of students from GMC showed up, and a lot of others from surrounding colleges. Music was loud, with the dance floor packed just the way we like it, and the beat hit our hearts and kept us unaware of our physical exhaustion. Great to get out and let out pent up energy that the winter brings. Now I think one more time is necessary before final exams, don’t you? ;)!

So, rumor has it that this rumor of small town boredom can be thoroughly avoided! With a group of friends and an unlikely hangout spot, you’re night is in for a surprise…and an adventure. 




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