Spirit By Kat Kehrt

This afternoon, I found myself, along with  a few of my fellow lacrosse teammates in a dorm bathroom, smothering ourselves with green and yellow paint. It’s been a longstanding GMC tradition to paint yourself green/yellow, walk down to athletic and club sport games and be the “Spirit Squad”. It’s something I found myself doing last year for lacrosse games, last semester for soccer, volleyball and bball games and now, since lacrosse has started up again, once again.

After it took about 30 minutes for 5 of us to cover our entire bodies with green paint, complimented with yellow letters that spelled “GO GMC”, we stood around for a few minutes, waiting to dry and then headed out. It’s always fun walking through campus, covered in green paint, but this day was a tiny bit different. It was Open House. Which meant 30+ students and their families were wandering around campus, trying to decide if they wanted to come here. As I walked out of the dorm, a group of them, on a tour, stopped and stared at us. That wasn’t too bad, compared to what we did next. We walked through the Campus Life Expo in the Withey Lobby. Nearly everyone stopped and looked up at us as we giggled awkwardly, walking through.

As we got near the field, we started to shout and cheer, showing our support to the boys. Being on the Girls’ Lax team, I love the boys and feel so proud to watch them play. There is nothing like showing your spirit in green paint. I love being part of a team and supporting others. Although during halftime, I had to run back and put on a shirt because of the wind and cold, I came back and continued to show my love and support to the team.

The Men’s Lacrosse team put in an awesome performance playing against Lyndon State, but unfortunately fell to them. But what other better way to spend an afternoon cheering for a team of GMC, especially when you’re covered in paint?



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