Asad met Vermont Senator Peter Galbraith!

The Rotary Club Community Dinner

 Poultney Rotary Club had its yearly community dinner on East Room of Green Mountain College on Saturday, March 24, 2012. This community dinner started in 2005 and has been continuing as a tradition to raise funds to support Poultney High School and Elementary School.

President of Green Mountain College Paul and Marsha Fonteyn, Peter W. Galbraith Member of Vermont Senate, Rotary and community members were at the dinner.


Rotary Club President Lara Bitler welcomed everybody and then I was honored to give invocation for the gathering.  After my Invocation we had dinner. I felt special sitting with Senator Galbraith, President Paul and his wife Marsha Fonteyn, current Rotary president Lara Bitler and future Rotary president Jeanne Root.

After dinner Senator Galbraith gave a speech about US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was interesting to hear from him that US has failed in Afghanistan and we should pull the troops out of Afghanistan. He believes that pulling the troops out of Afghanistan is the only solution. I strongly disagree with his view of pulling the US troops out of Afghanistan. Pulling the US troops out of Afghanistan is not the solution. We are succeeding in Afghanistan and it is important for us to understand it. Let’s not forget that we are building a new society in Afghanistan and it takes longer time than Iraq.

Anyways, Senator Galbraith was the US Ambassador to Croatia from 1993-1998. He was the UN Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan in 2009. When he was in Afghanistan, he visited my home town, Bamyan. I had some good conversations with him. He can speak some Dari too.  I was honored to be part of Rotary Club Community Dinner and enjoyed it a lot. 




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