Men’s Fragrance- Matthias Baudinet

Recently, many of my guy friends have come to me with questions regarding colognes. They know that I used to be a model and so assumed that I knew a little about men’s cologne. They assumed right. Colognes to me, are very important and the types of cologne that men use are essential.

Few men here on campus know how to differentiate between different types of Eaus. Eau fraiche, usually 3% or less of perfume oil lasts the shortest and has the weakest scent. Eau de cologne is a bit stronger than Eau fraiche and has 2-5% perfume oil. Eau de toilette, which is the most popular type of eau, has 4-10% perfume oil. Most marketed colognes are eau de toilette. Eau de parfum, with 8-15% perfume oil has a distinct stronger smell than eau de toilette. Eaus are called eaus because they have a lower proportion of perfume oil to alcohol.

A sois de parfum has 15-18% perfume oil, a parfum has 15-25% perfume oil, and the true and original perfume is simply called perfume oil. This has a much higher oil base than alcohol. Usually 15-30%. Perfume oils are very expensive. They can go into the thousands in terms of dollars. 

Generally, the rule is that the more perfume oil, the more formal the event or the occasion. Eau de toilette, which the most widely known type of cologne should only be used for the casual everyday use. Also, depending of the ingredients, the casual cologne will be made for either day or evening. 

My casual day cologne is Le Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Created in 1995, this cologne is very popular, especially in Europe even to this day. 

                           Le Male: Gaultier

This fragrance gives off a strong sensual, elusive, and ocean breeze smell. This is an eau de toilette and I use this for casual occasions usually in the day.

My more formal and night cologne is La Nuit de L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent. A more recent fragrance, this is a parfum. It is not an eau. Therefore, it last longer and you do not have to use as much in order for smell to be present on you. 

                    La Nuit de L’homme: YSL

Fragrances can tell a lot about who you are and what your personality is like. If among people of high social status, it can also tell how knowledgeable you are. For if you wear a daytime cologne in the evening, people like me will spot that right away. Fragrances are very powerful tools, and if used right, they can help you get to places you would never even dream of going.

Two fragrances that have delightful smells that I also recommend are Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, and Bleu de Chanel. These are casual night time eaus. They have gotten very good reports and are very popular. 

                      Acqua di Gio: Armani

                        Bleu de Chanel

Men, I hope this was informing and useful. 

    Matthias Baudinet


5 thoughts on “Men’s Fragrance- Matthias Baudinet

  1. Really like your choices of fragrances here. Jean-Paul Gaultier is great for everyday use. Big fan of YSL as well (M7 and Kouros more specifically). Although ADG is very popular, I still think it's a bit overhyped. I like Code more, but with both of those you kind of don't stand out from the crowd. Chances are somebody else you know may be wearing it. I would give Bleu de Chanel the nod over both of those for sure. Kind of surprised how many men don't know about le male. It's definitely a great cologne. I've been building a site that lists some great colognes if you want to check it out. http://www.thearomaticgentleman.comCheers!


  2. These all are very good cologne for men. thanks for sharing this information with us. Perfume are very important in our life wearing a great fragrance perfume then felling and mood is happiness. So, wear the fragrance according to trend and whether.


  3. Hello i have to say this is the first blog about perfume we have came across which we have found very interesting your choice of fragrances is amazing – highly enjoyable read and you are definately right fragrances for men is very importantthanks for this the team at fragrancepanda


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