Triathalon…By: Forrest Teutsch

Warm weather means more outdoor activities. This is exactly what got me thinking about activities that I have always wanted to do. Something that I have thought about doing for years now, since running cross country in high school, is a triathalon. While talking to some friends about this idea, I got word of a professor that would also love to do the same. The problem is that there aren’t too many triathalons around this area, so something I was thinking about is making one. I just thought about how neat it would be to collaborate with a professor and create a semi-casual triathalon for anyone in the area including residents of Poultney, faculty, and students. We could have a couple mile swim in the pool of the Waldron athletic center, that transitions into a 25 or so mile bike ride, and then ending with a 10 mile run. Just brain-storming, but I thought this would be a fun idea.

It may be to late to implement this event for the spring, but maybe for early fall semester I would love to get this together and raise money for an event in doing this. Not only does this allow for the community to come together, but it will force participants to challenge themselves, and enjoy the Poultney area while also raising money for a good cause.

This is just something that I have always wanted to do for the longest time and I would love to be part of it and make this event happen in our community. Nothing is set in stone at all yet, so if anyone has any input on this please do not hesitate to comment and give me your two cents on the event.


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