Activism at GMC by Krista Shugart

I am a member of the club Activism at GMC here at Green Mountain College. It is an amazing club on campus, and as it says in the name….we are a very active club!! For the past three weekends we had Mountain Justice Spring Break (7 GMC students went to VA to learn and fight against Mountaintop Removal), then last weekend was the Left Forum in NYC (15 GMC students attended the Left Forum at Pace University) and this weekend was the 99% Spring (4 GMC students went to a trainer-training in NYC to be trained in nonviolent direct action!)

There is so much to do, and so much to learn about!! I would recommend this club to prospective students who want to active members in the community/and in the world!

I spent this weekend in NYC and recieved training on how to be a trainer in nonviolent direct action with 3 other Activism @ GMC members Heather, Emily, and Scott. There were about 160 people at the trainings and it was beautiful to see so much diversity!! There were people there who were senior citizens, middle aged, and college students, and people who lived in different places, etc. It was awesome. The training was very informative and the 4 of us from GMC are going to help facilitate trainings around Vermont! 🙂 I feel that it is important to learn the techniques of nonviolent direct action!

Last Thursday night Activism @ GMC hosted a documentary night in the basement of the library and showed the movie “If a Tree Falls.” There was a good turnout of students!

Right now we are thinking of events we can host on campus to educate students and the community on issues that we have been learning about…we have some exciting ideas so stay tuned!!

Since I was in NYC this weekend, I got to sleep at my house in NJ on Saturday night (I live an hour train ride from the city) and it was great! I was only home for a VERY short time, but it was very nice while it lasted and I am looking forward to spending time with my parents and sisters when I get home for Easter break!

Activism @ GMC is a great and active club on campus!!


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