Art For Animals, By Johnny Cabrera

My close friend Logan Curtis has taken the challenge to host an art show in the Surdam Gallery with a silent auction on Sunday April 15th, 2012. She is welcoming all students and staff to submit all types of art mediums. People who submit any type of artwork can choose a price to auction off their piece. Entire proceeds that are raised will be donated to The Central Vermont Humane Society. This organization helps bring animals to a home where they are to be loved and cared for. The Central Vermont Humane Society doesn’t identify as a “no-kill” shelter because there will always be the possibility of overcrowding, but successfully, they have not had to put down any animals in several years. Money being donated helps keep animals alive, healthy and keeps likelihood that they will one day be adopted. The Central Vermont Human Society also helps people who need financial assistance. There are several methods and again, keeps the possibility of adoption at an all time high.

I met Logan in January, and ever since the first day I met her, I was able to notice her true love for animals, especially cats. This event will help meet her necessary requirements for Delicate Balance (A required class for all GMC students). However, I appreciate how personal this event is. Logan followed her passion and is helping to benefit a movement where animals aren’t treated with cruelty and abuse.

My talents with art aren’t really strong. Images of Nature required me to draw what I felt and saw from nature onto a nature journal. It was difficult for me to transcend in the world of creativity. However, I will be submitting some of my personal photography for the show. Photography is the only medium of art where I can actually capture a thought provoking image. 

Logan will also be hosting some of her own artwork in the Surdam Gallery for the event. The art showing is open to all people, not just specifically the GMC community. So in a way, she too is creating a stronger sense of community with Poultney residents. If anyone is interested in submitting any artwork for the showing on Sunday April 15th, please contact Logan Curtis at Please include the artists name, phone number, title, and chosen price worth. You’re helping benefit the lives of countless animals in dire need. 



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