In Need Of Athletes…By: Forrest Teutsch

Green Mountain College is not known as an athletic school by any means nor has that really been a mission for the school or its students. However a few students have obnoxiously voiced their opinions to get rid of all athletics at GMC. This rash declaration clearly does not sit well with a fair number of students at the school and definitely with no athletes.

To counter this I am asking for more students at Green Mountain to take to the sports that they once played in high school and help turn some of our programs around. The talent is here in the student body; that is a known fact. It just comes down to getting these students to all play again. This would wrangle the largest issue that our teams at Green Mountain have had for year; the lack of numbers. Most teams barely have enough numbers to fully field a team and so the lack of substitutes creates more irritable situations for the players and thus fewer players that would want to join. If more of the students at this school that played a sport in high school continued playing them here, the teams would all be in much better shape and not perpetually be ranked in the bottom half of teams in the conference.

I realize that Green Mountain is not the most ideal place to play a sport, but the reasons to play are not necessarily to win, but rather to stay in shape, have a good time, and hang out with a group of new people that you may not have really known before. The sports here really do not have all too strenuous of practices but they are enough to stay in shape and get a grasp on the sport again. Newcomers to sports are more than welcome as well and would only add to the diversity and depth of the program.

So please, anyone reading this, consider joining a sport not because you are or are not good at it, but because at this school it’s a really enjoyable time and a experience that you do not want to miss out on. Also, for freshman doing a fall sport is one of the best, if not the best, way to meet new people and have a consistent group of guys and girls that you can talk to when you are still new and meeting everyone…join cross country!


One thought on “In Need Of Athletes…By: Forrest Teutsch

  1. I agree with all the reasons why young people should participate in sports. I'm sure there is at least ONE sport you are good at, maybe even great. It can only benefit the community if they see you succeed in it.


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