The Space Between…by Haley Tripoli

In dedication to all high school seniors pondering over what you will do when having to part ways from boyfriend/girlfriend when off to college this fall…

I’ve always been the ‘I don’t need a man’, empowered, ‘daddy complex’, independent type. And before recently making my relationship with my boyfriend back home official, I truly believed that the next four years of my life would be school, school, anything related to school, and more school. This was my mindset. I didn’t want anything to interfere; I wanted to be able to do things on my own accord and with nothing ‘holding me back’. I use to talk of traveling the world, meeting people of all races, colors, and creeds…and learning from them. I wanted to join the Peace Corps and put an anthropology degree to good use wherever my life took me, anywhere I was needed. I still want these things, but I don’t find it to be just about me, or my future, or my dreams anymore. I take him into consideration, although he knows at the end of the day I do what I want to do. I care about him…and I love him with all the big, messy pieces of my heart. He and I are not only distanced by geography, but also by duty. His is to serve the American people as a United States Marine, and his name is signed on dotted lines that bind him to this promise for five years. My duty is to educate my self and to earn a degree…becoming a more productive citizen of the United States…and in my opinion, the world. Sometimes when you love someone so much, you curse the distance that so frustratingly exists in the space between. But, soon and often, there is an understanding that Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” And ours has surely seen its rough days. A friend of mine at GMC, who is also in a long distance relationship, believes that distance makes a couple stronger to pursue their dreams, separate from one another, because they are able to stand on their own. I believe this to be true if two people are equally supportive of each others endeavors and lifes journeys. I have many friends here at school who have gone years without seeing family, international students who consider GMC a home away from home…celebrating holidays on campus. Some don’t see family until after graduation when they return home. Often long distance calls aren’t even feasible.  I couldn’t imagine waiting years to see or talk to the people I love. We shouldn’t take any moment for granite, cherishing every last bit. Now days with all of the fancy technology, you can be ‘face to face’ with someone on Skype through internet connection right away! And facebook/emails! It is just so much easier than previous decades…Still it is always nice to receive a hand written letter. Moral of the story: At the end of the day distance means so very little when someone means so much…and also…you must keep focused and keep a steady eye on the task at hand. Follow your dreams. And always follow your heart.




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