Stressed by Krista Shugart

This semester I took on 18 credits and it is usually very manageable but this week right before Easter break is proving to be very academically challenging. In this four day week (we get off for break Thursday after classes) I have two exams, two projects due, and two essays due. I have a good feeling I am not going to be sleeping this week! To add on to the craziness of this week I am going to be facilitating a nonviolent direct action training for trainers at Middlebury College with three other Activism @GMC members on Wednesday. The other trainers will be Scott, Emily, and Heather as we all went to the training for trainers in NYC two weekends ago. I am really excited for this, I just need to get everything done in order to be comfortable there and not thinking about all the work I have to do when I get back to campus.

Bill McKibben is going to be at Middlebury College on Wednesay when we go there because there will be a documentary/discussion at the college.

I will let you know how the training goes! As of right now I am counting down the days till I will be home in New Jersey! I look forward to seeing my family over break, going to my aunt’s house for Easter, and to catch up on all my work so that when I get back to campus I can be more relaxed and will have more time to spend time with friends.


I wish everyone the best of luck on this stressful week!


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