Easter Break Weekend…By: Forrest Teutsch

Today is the last day of classes before the long weekend for Easter break begins. The interesting aspect of this break is that it is only a few days long and so there are some students that stay for break while normally a little more than half return to thier homes for the few days. This year I will spend my time with the lacrosse team traveling to Maine for a pair of games on Friday and Saturday. Upon return we will probably all hang out when we get back late Saturday night and then we have planned to go to our coach’s house on Sunday for an Easter day cookout.

I’ve heard about last years cookout and how much fun it sounds like. There is bound to be more than enough food and we have been told that we are not allowed to go back to campus without a few plate fulls of extra food. For a college student this is more than amazing news, I cannot wait until I can go feast at my coach’s house and then take back extra plates for the next week. It will be a great break from the same food service that we have endured for months now.

I’m really looking forward to the trip itself because I have never been able to stay in a hotel with a team on a road trip for a game. It will be pretty interesting having the group of us guys on the lacrosse team pile into a bus and take a roadtrip up for 5-6 hours. I can only imagine the shenanigans that will be taking place.

With just about a month left of the semester, this break could not come at a better time. Everyone is stressing out about final projects that they need to be working on and the last few exams of the year just around the corner. This provides a prefect break from all of that and is the ideal time to relax and collect oneself. Hopefully everyone will get what they want from this break and come back refreshed and ready to end the semester on the right foot.

The only way that this break could be even better is if we have an easter egg hunt on Sunday or Monday when some students begin to come back to campus. Imagine  campus wide easter egg hunt going through buildings, to the farm, to the river and beyond. The possibilites for hiding spots are endless and there is so much fun that could be had. Enjoy!


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