Middlebury by Krista Shugart


            On Wednesday Scott, Heather, Emily, and I went to Middlebury College to attend a documentary and panel with Bill McKibben and to facilitate a nonviolent direct action training for trainers. Middlebury College is located 45 minutes from Green Mountain College. The documentary that was shown was Koch Brothers Exposed and is a brand new documentary about the Koch Brothers…it was very eye opening and provided information for the general public to “secretive” information. Author, Educator, and Environmentalist Bill McKibben spoke on a panel after the documentary and answered some questions from the audience. It is a great experience and there were many students in the auditorium.

            After the documentary and panel, we headed to the Middlebury Library to host a nonviolent direct action training for trainers. We trained eight college students and now we can all work together to host and facilitate trainings around the state, including one in Burlington that is coming up and there will be an estimated 100 people that need to get trained at that one, so it will be a wonderful collaborative effort!

            Activism at GMC is a great club on campus, and we are active not only on our campus, but in the community and we are working towards a better future for our world.


*We are unstoppable…another world is possible!*




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