Easter Follow Up…By: Forrest Teutsch

Well it’s now Easter Sunday night and the weekend is coming to an end. The men’s lacrosse team just got back from our trip to Maine for two games last night at 10:30. Overall the trip to Maine was an incredible time for all of us. Granted we did not come away with the two wins that we had originally hoped for going into the weekend but we came out with a great experience, we became a closer team, and new players stepped up into roles that they had not filled before.

The bus rides to start were not thrilling, but the team shared a lot of laughs as we joked around the entire ride up and just generally bonded over being together for so long in a small space. Our first game of the weekend against U-Maine Farmington ended in a tough loss because we knew they were a team that we had the potential to beat. Yet, there were a good amount of positives that came from it. I actually scored my first career lacrosse goal in that game which was a real thrill. The best part is that the goal was assisted by another first-time player, my good friend Tyler.

Both hotel stays exemplified themselves as more great team bonding times as we cramed most the of team into one small room to play x-box that we brought up. Once again we gave each other hard times and made jokes all night; it was really a great time and this helped us feel even more like one big family than before. It’s said that teams grow together and play the best on the road and after this trip, I could not agree more.

The next day we set off to play Thomas College, but once again we let a game that we could have won slip out of our hands. At least for me there was a good up-side to the tough loss, I was able to score two more goals, adding to my tally of now three goals on the season. This weekend became such a great experience for me because I had never played lacrosse before and now in my first season I had now netted three goals, more than I had thought I would be able to accomplish on the season.

The team began that last night with a roadtrip back to Poultney and on the way we stopped at one of the best sandwhich places I have ever been. The sandwhiches were massive and absolutley hit the spot. We capped the trip with a ton of jokes and cracks at each other for things that we did or said over the course of our crazy trip. This was truley one of the best times that I have had with a team in my life and I certainly will not forget this anytime soon.


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