Eagles vs. Eagles by Kat Kehrt

This past weekend, the Women’ Lacrosse team traveled to Maine to face-off against the Husson Eagles. GMC’s Women Lacrosse has always had a huge rivalry with Husson. Most people at GMC think that Castleton is our hugest rival, mainly because of its nearby location, but that fact is that Husson University in Bangor, Maine is our biggest rival.

Two years ago Husson beat us twice. The first time 23-7 and the second time 16-6. Last year, they beat us 15-9 and we came back and beat them 15-9. It was one of the greatest days of my lacrosse career. I wasn’t playing that game because I was out with an injury but it be a part of a team that defeated a team that has crushed us numerous times was wonderful.

This year, we headed to Maine on Friday night, amped up to play them again. The game started and right off the bat, Johanna Douglas scored. From then on, the scoreboard numbers on both sides didn’t differ more than 2. We battled back and forth for all 60 minutes with everyone playing their hearts out. With three minutes left, Husson scored a goal and the scoreboard changed to 9-8, them. Unfortunately, we were unable to score another goal, leaving the score 9-8 at the final.

We played our hardest and I thinnk if we had about 5 mins more in the game, we would have soared ahead. But the experience was wonderful and the game was intense. We’ll get them next time 🙂


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