Back from Break by Krista Shugart

It was great to be home for Easter break from Thursday to Monday but it went by with the blink of an eye! On Thursday and Friday I relaxed at home and spent time with my family, while trying to catch up on a bit of homework. On Sunday I picked up my roommate Lian from the train station, and we headed to church. Lian had been in New York City since Tuesday attending the National Model United Nations representating Green Mountain College and Lithuania with ten other GMC students. They did very well and I have heard that it was a very great experience. (Prospective students: you can get involved with NMUN when you get to GMC if you would like to!)

After church we went back home and then headed to my aunt’s house in South/Central New Jersey. It was so nice to see my family, and to catch up with my little cousins. We ate delicious food, and we played about five games of apples to apples, which is one of our new favorite games to play together.

Easter time is a wonderful time to get together with loved ones and it symbolizes a “new start.” If you have lately noticed that you are not the person that you want to be…change it! There is no day like today to start becoming a better person and becoming the person you want to be.

Now that I am back to school I have a lot of homework and projects to do, plus I will be facilitating two nonviolent direct action trainings this week, one at Green Mountain College and one at the University of Vermont. I will make sure not to procrastinate!

How was YOUR Easter? 🙂


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