Photography Class by Krista Shugart

      An upper level digital photography course at Green Mountain College has been posting photos called “A Day in the Life: Green Mountain College. This is a Spring 2012 course. I really enjoyed going through the photos that these talented photography students took. It is really cool because I recognize all the people in the photos, and I am friends with some of them! That is the thing that these photos really represent; this small close knit community. That is something that is really individualistic to our small school, and that it the feeling I got after looking at all of the photos. There is one particular photo that stood out to me of a student talking to professor Eleanor Tison. What the photo displays is really the truth, students are able to really talk to and form relationships with their professors. I went to Eleanor Tison’s office yesterday and she helped me develop ideas for an essay that I am writing that I named “Prostitution-Legalized Abuse?” Eleanor really helped me on my essay and we talked about some small problems that I have been going through and she completely helped me. That is what is so wonderful about GMC! The professors are here to help you and because it is such a small school they have time to get to know each student and they are dedicated to helping you academically as well as help you as a person.

      In a large school if you saw pictures that someone took around campus you may recognize one person, but even those odds are pretty small! At Green Mountain College you are able to recognize and know every person. These pictures display our beautiful close-knit community and if you are looking for that then I would definitely recommend attending Green Mountain College!

Check out the pictures!

Here is the link 🙂



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