Power Shift : New York by Krista Shugart


        On the weekend of April 27th-29th college students from New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and Pennsylvania will join together in Albany for PowerShift New York! A major issue that will be discussed at PowerShift New York will be the dangerous practice of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. Ten Green Mountain College students will be attending this conference. I personally can’t wait to go and I am really looking forward to it!

        The weekend will have 15 hours each day dedicated to training in building social movements, regional breakout groups, action planning and more. There will be many influential people there such as Bill McKibben (founder of 350.org) and Josh Fox (Director of the documentary GasLand that I would recommend everyone to watch).

        New York PowerShift is run by numerous organizations that are committed to the safety and protection of our environment. It is going to be so amazing to be able to attend trainings with such influential environmentalists and get to know green organizations that are demanding change. I really look forward to meeting college students from the surrounding areas.

       “PowerShift New York will be a mass gathering of youth to converge in Albany for a weekend long summit that will awaken and empower our generation to put an end to hydro-fracking and stand up for a green economy.”

I look forward to writing about this experience when I get back!

For more information check out:



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