Friday the 13th…By: Forrest Teutsch

Friday the 13th is typically seen as a daunting day of bad luck and horror stories. Well today is that day and so far it could not be any more opposite than the stereotype. It’s a beautiful sunny day in the low 60s and not a cloud in the sky. There has not even been any bad news, in fact quite the contrary. This is the time of year that many people hear back from jobs and internships and already today a couple people around campus have heard back and actually gotten the jobs that they applied for. I’d say that this is an awesome day so far and it has so much potential moving forward.

As I look outside I see a huge group of students on the volleyball court outside of Cree really enjoying themselves playing a game. Next to them are another group of students tossing a lacrosse ball around on the lawn. All around you can witness everybody enjoying themselves and the weather. Campus is scattered with kids throwing Frisbees, skateboarding, and just hanging with friends outside.

The superstitious bad luck of Friday the 13th is nowhere in sight and its doubtful that it will come about later tonight. Everybody appears to be so cheery and upbeat for the weekend, how could anything go wrong. I suppose that this may be the most unexpected time for something to go wrong, but hey that’s only in the movies right? Well I think the only way the day could go awry is if the Red Sox drop another game today during their home opener…let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Happy Friday the 13th!


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