Social Networkers- Kat Kehrt

Some people have asked me what my job is on campus. Besides this, I am also a lifeguard. But when they ask me, they are inquiring about this job. Being a social networker is a new thing. It’s a new thing to me, to my co-workers and to the school. In the middle of the summer, I got a box delivered to my door with a shirt and a peice of paper that said “Social Networker” on it. It explained what I would be doing when I got back to school and that I had been suggested by a few of my peers.

The social networkers are incharge of blogging a few times per week and updating the school’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, along with promoting events happening on campus. Now, I have a Facebook, but before I got hired as a SN, I had ever used a Twitter account. I tend to stay away from that. Our school is small, so events generally travel by word of mouth, but ever since the SN have been working, word has spread more rapidly.

Our GMC account on Facebook has multiplied with the amount of friends in a short period of time and our followers on Twitter has grown as well. Because of our work, more people are aware of what’s going on around campus and town. I have never been a huge blogger, but since blogging for the school, I have come to enjoy it. I like reading other blogs and seeing what’s going on in other parts of the school or other people’s lives.

Social networking has become an intergrated part of society and promoting events online is so much easier because of the hard workers of GMC!

Check us out on Facebook! : and Twitter:!/greenmtncollege


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